Kevin Hart

Mr. Hart received his training from Christoph Harlan, Kent State University, and Charles Wolzien, University of Colorado at Boulder. He has participated in master classes with renowned artists David Russell, Michael Andriaccio, Joanne Castellani, and Deborah Marioti. Mr. Hart has been honored by the Wyoming Arts Council with a Performing Arts Fellowship and has appeared on artist rosters in North and South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.

Hart is the director of the LARGE, the Laramie Community Guitar Ensemble, and runs a Suzuki Method guitar program. Since 2005 he has taught at the Ann Arbor Suzuki Guitar Institute, and since 2008 has taught for the Colorado Institute of Music at Beaver Creek.

Mr. Hart has been active as a composer for theater, providing original music for performances of “Twelfth Night”, “Much Ado About Nothing”, “Summer and Smoke”, and “Our Town”. His music for modern dance includes many new and adventurous works for vertical dance (for information visit the UW Department of Theatre and Dance). He has also provided a soundtrack to a planetarium show.